Meet Ashwini,

An Engineer, Artist and Yogini!

Ashwini with her paintings

A long time ago - and yet perhaps it wasn't such a very long time ago – (well 5 years back!) there graduated an Electrical and Computer Engineer. As the time went by, she chose to be an artist (painting full time), as more time went by, she chose to be a Yoga teacher to share the joy of being in the moment with you!

All of the above, that’s me!

An Engineer or an Artist? The Story told

I was born and raised in various parts of India, I think India as a cultural treasure where architecture, art, dance, music, languages differs from place to place within the country. This colorfully rich cultural heritage influenced me to take painting as a hobby. Growing up I enjoyed drawing, painting, ceramic sculptures, dress designing etc.,

I graduated from Carleton University in Canada in Electrical and computer Engineering and began my engineering career working in the technical industry as a software programmer. During my time in the east coast, I fell in love with the paradisiac lands of Canada, the ethereal colors of the summer, autumn, fall and winter that influenced me further to paint.

While the Canadian dreamlands made my connection with mother nature stronger and deeper, an opportunity of exploring the pacific northwest came knocking my door. The pure gold sunshine of Washington state, the diamonds falling from the grey skies and the ornamental spiky tall pine trees, what else one could ask for an inspiration for capturing this beauty into paintings.

That’s right, mesmerized by these natural master pieces, I have been painting full time since ending another successful career as an engineer.

I am trained in the modernist tradition from the Trowbridge Atelier at Gage Academy of Art, Seattle. My childhood roots took over and an artist was reborn!

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Be it Art or Yoga, they are my forms of self expression, enabling me to unfold the magic of being in the moment!

These forms of expressions allow me to add a focused intention to the task at hand, drawing or painting the colors of the beautiful PNW or simply witnessing a flower grow!

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Ashwini teaches online art classes for kids as well as adults,

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