Meet Ashwini,

An Engineer, Artist and Yogini!

Ashwini’s journey into the world of yoga began in India as a child, where she practiced yoga asana and Surya namaskar under the guidance of a master teacher. Today, Ashwini is a celebrated yoga instructor, with a unique approach to teaching that combines her multidimensional background as an Electronics Engineer and realist painter.

After completing her 200-hour yoga teacher training from UW REC in 2019, and 500-hour yoga teacher training from Hrishikesh India, Ashwini leads the YTT program at UW REC. Her expertise in planning sessions that adhere to the Yoga Alliance curriculum guidelines has earned her a reputation as a highly effective teacher. With her teaching methodology that incorporates yoga philosophy, Sanskrit pronunciation, anatomy, breathwork techniques, posture labs, class, and sequence design, Ashwini makes learning yoga a fun and engaging experience for her students.

Ashwini specializes in the Himalayan Kundalini tradition of yoga and is also a certified prenatal and yin yoga instructor. Her students appreciate her humorous, poetic, and philosophical approach to teaching. Graduates of UW REC YTT have gone on to become successful yoga teachers at various locations, as Ashwini enjoys guiding them on the professional development side of yoga.

Besides yoga, Ashwini is also passionate about Bollywood dance fitness, which she incorporates into her classes. Her extensive experience guiding yoga classes both in-person and online, facilitating YTT, and conducting meditation and prenatal yoga workshops at UW has made her a respected and sought-after teacher.

Ashwini’s teachings go beyond physical asana practice and focus on nurturing a deeper mind-body-breath connection. Her classes incorporate posture alignment cues, dynamic fluid movements, nourishing breath exploration techniques, and deep guided meditations. Through her teachings, Ashwini aims to inspire her students to integrate their passions into a harmonious whole, much like the great polymath Leonardo da Vinci.

In addition to her yoga practice, Ashwini is also an accomplished visual artist, creating vivid paintings in her studio that reflect her passion for integrating art with the art of living. With her unique blend of creativity, logic, and spirituality, Ashwini continues to inspire and transform the lives of her students. Learn more at and

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