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Keep Calm and Yoga on!

Welcome to Ashwini's Yoga!

I am Ashwini Sadekar,

200hr RYS from University of Washington, Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher.

I am a Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness and Wellbeing Educator, I believe in "Yoga for ALL".

I am currently teaching online classes at University of Washington as well as private and group yoga classes.

My Yoga philosophy extends beyond Asana practice, into the realm where mind, body, breath and bliss connection is discovered and strengthened. My Yoga classes cultivate the principle of honoring yourself and your physical body while practicing Asanas, being compassionate and gentle towards self to realize self-expression through Asana practice.

No matter where you begin your Yoga journey, I will guide you!

I design my classes with several options from simple to complex, gentle to energetic so that Yoga is available to ALL, to everyBody! You can do it! Honor where you are at!

The Model of my Yoga Teaching -

  • Easy to understand posture alignment cues

  • Nourishing breath exploration techniques

  • Deep guided mediations and relaxations

  • All through a soothing voice yet empowering and encouraging language

You are invited to experience the joy of being the NEW YOU!

Prenatal Yoga

Dear Moms, Embrace self care and connection with your mind, body and baby during the sweetest time when you experience new beginning, new growth.

I am trained and specialized in offering yoga support during prenatal and post-partum.

Yoga, the union, During pregnancy, the Mother is in union with her own divinity through her evolving energy, mind and body. Prenatal yoga helps find ease, clarity and strength as the Mother experiences this grand transformation.

Pranayama is another key component to a happy, healthy pregnancy. Pranayama revitalizes the body, increases energy, and improves circulation. In a time when significant life changes are so abundant, a regular meditation practice, balances the nervous system, calms the mind and emotional state, and purifies the body. It is a great way to nurture, promote sleep, create space, as well as alleviate bodily and emotional tension.

It's my honor to support you on this journey.

I design my prenatal private classes to

  • Understand pregnancy trimesters and simple postures/movements for each

  • Emphasis on prenatal SAFETY

  • Focus on Pranayama, breath-work

  • Guided mediations and relaxations to create space and ease

*Before undertaking any physical exercise program or any form of mind/body practice, such as meditation, it is your responsibility to make sure you are cleared by your health care provider(s) to participate.

Select Classes from

All Classes are beginner friendly, no prior Yoga experience is required. I will guide you :)

*All classes are online


"Ashwini offers beginner friendly yoga that is accessible to anyone, easy to follow, Her classes are wholesome with focus on not only physical asanas but also mind and breath connection"

- Rohit

"It was so easy to take Ashwini's classes even though our time zones are different and she offered private and personalized postures as per my need"

- Kranti (Private Class)

"Ashwini puts a lot of thought into her class design and you can experience that in her teachings"

- Vinayak

"Ashwini's instructions are clear to understand her voice is soothing and I felt relaxed in her meditation class"

- Vinita


OBJECTIVE - My intention is to empower my students to challenge themselves while helping them to accept their bodies' unique abilities

EDUCATION - 200 Hour RYS Certification, University of Washington, July 2019

  • Yoga Philosophy

  • Vinyasa Flow sequencing

  • Teaching Methodology

  • Posture Alignment

  • Breath-work Techniques

  • Anatomy and Kinesiology

  • Intelligent Class Design

  • Meditation techniques

  • Prenatal Yoga CEC, 2020

EXPERTISE - 200 Hour RYS Certification, University of Washington, July 2019

  • Ashwini creates welcoming, comfortable, safe environment

  • Vinyasa sequences from sun salutations to peak posture,

  • finishes to final relaxation Shavasana

  • Makes safety a priority. Efficiently demos postures,

  • States benefits of postures. Instructs simple to complex

  • Observes class to ensure solid foundation and proper

  • Provides alignment cues of the spine and joints

  • Provides purposeful hands-on adjustments

  • Encourages movement with breath and intention

  • Inspires to take Yoga practice off the mats into day to day lives

  • Teaches using clear voice projection and concise cues in English and Sanskrit names of Asanas

  • Always ready for feedback and growth :)