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Q. What are the benefits of taking private 1-on-1 online yoga classes with Ashwini?
A. You'll benefit from a customized yoga experience that's designed to align with your specific objectives and requirements. We honor your current starting point and collaborate to achieve your desired outcomes, whether it's enhancing concentration, flexibility, muscle engagement, or reducing anxiety. Our complete focus remains on addressing your unique needs throughout our journey together

Q. What's the advantage of online classes with Ashwini?
A. You can access her expertise from anywhere in the world, offering flexibility in terms of location and schedule.

Q. How do private online sessions differ from group classes?
A. In private sessions, you get direct guidance and individualized attention to refine your practice and deepen your mind-body connection.

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher with Ashwini's Expert Guidance at UW REC's 200-Hour YTT Program.

Are you interested in evolving your yoga practice and gaining lifelong skills to navigate the world of yoga more effectively? Do you have a hunger to make a substantive difference in other people's lives? 

The UW Recreation 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program, led by Ashwini, offers an opportunity for self-discovery, physical strength, and breath empowerment. It equips you with essential methodologies for guiding others on their yoga journey.

Our Yoga Alliance accredited training is rooted in mindfulness, anatomy, physiology, and practical yoga philosophy. It goes beyond teaching and encourages you to embrace yoga as a lifestyle. Join us and discover the transformative power of yoga while making a real impact in the lives of others.

Students are saying ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"When I met Ashwini, I was recovering from a severe fall and head injury, and my body was relearning how to move. Ashwini helped me understand how to practice yoga in the body I had at the time, empowering and healing me. She has taught me about the philosophy, history, and science of yoga.I had already been practicing yoga postures on and off for 10 years when I met Ashwini, and I feel that I truly learned how to practice yoga in its truest sense with her by my side.  I have been a physician for 23 years, and she has been one of the biggest heaters in my life."
- Shereen M.

"YTT 200 has given me a solid base from which I can expand my yogic knowledge, understanding, and offerings- I intend to further explore yin as well as trauma-informed studies, which we covered briefly in the extended portion of the training. As shown by her teaching style, leadership, and knowledge, Ashwini is an authority in yoga, and her influence has made this training so impactful. I'd like to thank UW Rec, who has provided such a beautiful space for us all to be enveloped in whilst attending this training, and to Jeff for having a big smile on the Sundays he attended our practice."
- Kay.

"Ashwini, I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how grateful I am to have you as my YTT instructor. There are a lot of programs out there, and I’m extremely glad I decided to pick UW and learn through you and your lineage. Your warmth, humor, wisdom (Vignanamaya kosha), and knowledge are inspiring, and I’m glad I get to learn from you."
- Susan.

"While deepening my understanding of yoga on all fronts, I appreciate how this journey required much commitment, discipline, and deliberate practice, which applies to pursuing any goals in life. I also adore Ashwini for being the epitome of a great teacher (for yoga and beyond), who teaches from the heart, radiates positivity, and inspires everyone. I want to be like her 😊"
- Xiahua.

"Thank you for the opportunity to join the 200-hour training course and connect with others who share similar passions. This course has provided me with a wealth of knowledge about yoga, including anatomy and deeper meanings behind yoga. It has allowed me to reflect on what yoga means to me personally and how I can help share the knowledge to people around me. Your inspiring presence in class always creates a positive energy that motivates me and I would like to bring that energy to my class in the future."
- Ru

"You are awesome, Ashwini! The way you teach us, the way you keep us engaged at subject, is commendable. You have so much knowledge for your age. When you share your experiences and examples it gives strength and confidence. I am feeling so blessed to enrolled myself for this training ,and to find a mentor like you! I am evolving as person. Thank you so much! Wish you more power and stay blessed!"
- Preeti

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Alliance-certified 40 and 85 hours

Dear Moms, embrace self care by connecting with your mind, body, breath and baby during the sweetest time of the new growth!

I specialize in empowering yoga teachers to offer yoga support during pregnancy and postpartum.

Dear Yoga Teachers,

Welcome to a transformative journey empowering motherhood with Ashwini's Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training program. From conception onward, the life thriving within shares a profound connection with the mother, shaped by thoughts and actions. This interconnectedness of mind and body creates the optimal developmental environment for the growing fetus. Through conscious choices and mindful awareness, pregnant individuals can give their baby the best start in life by integrating prenatal yoga practices.

In this evidance based prenatal yoga teacher training approach, we explore the miraculous vitality behind creation of life, blending ancient wisdom with modern science. Each human birth signifies the ongoing story of life's eternal rhythm, with every new arrival reshaping the universe and brimming with potential. Designed for yoga teachers helping in the journey of bringing new life into the world, this training offers a holistic approach to prenatal yoga. It aims to align body, mind, and breath, promoting balance and harmony from conception to birth and beyond.

The comprehensive curriculum covers an extensive range of topics, supported by research on prenatal development to the science behind creating new life. Through yoga, meditation, and pranayama practices, you will integrate holistic mindfulness techniques to support prenatal students in unfolding their natural wisdom of creating life.

Join me LIVE on this profound journey towards the bundle of joy, where together, we'll explore the boundless potential of new life and the transformative power of yoga-based holistic practices.

Prenatal yoga fosters ease, clarity, and strength as the mother embraces the profound transformation of pregnancy, uniting with her/their evolving energy, mind, and body.

Pranayama is another key component to a happy, healthy pregnancy. Pranayama revitalizes the body, increases energy, and improves circulation. In a time when significant life changes are so abundant, a regular meditation practice, balances the nervous system, calms the mind and emotional state, and purifies the body. It is a great way to nurture, promote sleep, create space, as well as alleviate bodily and emotional tension.

It's my honor to support you on this journey. 

*Before undertaking any physical exercise program or any form of mind/body practice, such as meditation, it is your responsibility to make sure you are cleared by your health care provider(s) to participate.

With warm regards,


40 Hours: certification provides you with 40 continuing education hours Yoga Alliance certificate and enables you to teach prenatal yoga, supporting you in your journey to share the benefits of yoga with others.

85 Hours: By completing 40 hours and an additional 45 hours, totaling 85 hours, you earn the Yoga Alliance RPYT designation. This comprehensive path offers more time for practice and mentoring during the training, empowering you to deepen your understanding and support for expectant mothers. 85  covers a deeper perspective on prenatal yoga, including yoga philosophies, principles of the wisdom traditions, and Ayurveda for prenatal yoga.

Note: You have the flexibility to start with 40 hours and later upgrade to 85 hours, allowing you to tailor your learning journey to your needs. Alternatively, you can choose complete 85 hours, offering additional savings and opportunities for growth.

Ashwini's Lineage - An Integrated Approach
Himalayan Kundalini Kriya Yoga

Ashwini, a dedicated yoga teacher and proud graduate of Sattva Yoga Academy, embodies the essence of Himalayan Kundalini Yoga and Bhakti Yoga. Her transformative journey began at this renowned institution, a global hub for Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, and Spiritual Transformation.

Ashwini has delved deep into Sattva Yoga—a holistic path blending ancient wisdom with modern insights. She's mastered Hatha Yoga, breathwork, Kundalini kriyas, Naad Practices, meditation, and more. These practices have not only strengthened her body but also elevated her consciousness, allowing her to live joyfully and inspire her students.

Meditation, a fundamental practice, is Ashwini's daily ritual. The Sattva Meditation Technique, derived from the Himalayan Yog-Vedantic Tradition, has become an integral part of her life. This seated meditation practice, incorporating breathwork, Kriya, and Mantra, has bestowed benefits on all aspects of her being.

Community and environmental consciousness are close to Ashwini's heart. Sattva Yoga fosters sacred community and environmental responsibility, values she deeply embraces.

Sattva Yoga infuses wisdom into every aspect of Ashwini's life, leading her on a journey of enlightened living. Rooted in the Himalayas and now shared worldwide, it has shaped her into a yoga leader, visionary, and compassionate soul. She embodies Yoga's essence, living in Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss, spreading light in her ever evolving global community of yoga practitioners, students, and teachers.